Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mein Bruder hat im September geheiratet und das war mein Outfit:

Das Kleid ist von Karen Millen.

Tribal cutwork dress
Die Tasche ist von Forever21.
Die Henkel hab ich jedoch abgenommen, da ich deren Befestigung an Metallringen nicht sonderlich schick fand. Ich habe sie also als Clutch getragen.

Je nach dem ob bei Tageslicht, oder bei künstlichem Licht wirkt die Tasche ganz unterschiedlich. Im Tageslicht ist sie eher kühl, silber/taupe. Bei Blitzlicht wirkt die Farbe eher warm fast bronze/taupe.

Die Schuhe waren von H&M:


  1. Really nice outfit. I really like the fact that Germans do not go to weddings 'overdressed' as is the case here. In Spain women usually buy long, gauzy dresses that are hardly wearable to other events (a work dinner or a night out with friends). I always try to buy a nice dress that I can wear for a night out or something.

    The dress is gorgeous. Did you get it online or from a local brick&mortar store? The name sounds familiar, but we don't have those here, as far a I know.

  2. Thank you! Some people also wear long gauzy dresses to German weddings ;) But I think as long as there are not a couple of weddings in a row it is a waste of money unless you can sell the dress again. I got my dress from their online store. I actually heard about the brand from a dear follower of mine who posted a picture in which she was wearing a dress from Karen Millen and I really liked it! :)

  3. OMG das Kleid ist WUNDERSCHÖN!!! Darf ich fragen wieviel das gekostet hat?

  4. @Schni: We ordered a few clothes from an online store many years ago and were disappointed with the experience: the clothes must have been photoshopped for the catalogue or something because the quality of the garments and fit left much to be desired. And then there's always the issue of ordering the right size.

  5. @ Awareness
    I bin mir nicht mehr ganz sicher. Es war schon reduziert ich meine von 210€ auf 150€.

    I know it's always a little risky to order clothes online. But usually you can sent the stuff back if you don't like it...and I took the risk because I really liked the dress :)