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This is how it works: I answer these 8 questions then come up with 8 more and tag someone else. They have to answer the question then create 8 of their own and tag someone else. Enjoy!

1. Which makeup line do you feel is the most overhyped?
I would have to say Mac. It is just ridiculously expensive in Germany and even though they have some cool products they don't seem to be worth THAT much money.

2. If you could spend $1,000 in ONE makeup line only, which would it be?
That's a hard question. Right now I am a lot into YSL. Since they are rather expensive I could easily spend that moch money just on their products ;)

3. What is your favorite color story season? (Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday)
Summer, it has a lot more fun and usually lighter colors than for example Fall and Winter. I am more into lighter colors and also like the bronze summer look a lot.

4. Which makeup line were you skeptical about until you tried it?
Probably some cheaper drugstore bands where I did not expect a lot from a the beginning and than was sometimes really surprised about their quality. For example P2 (A German drugstore brand) has great nailpolish and lipsticks.

5. Follow the trends or make your own?
A good mixture out of both. If everybody raves about a product I am curious and want to try it myself. On the other hand I also like to share now products I found and likes with other people which might inspire them to try these products.

6. What is your least favorite aspect of beauty that isn't hair removal? ;)
There is nother I really mind. Sometimes taking off make-up at night is a pain in the a.. But I would also never skip the makeup removal part because it's just gross to go to bed with makeup on.

7. If you could make your own makeup line, what would it be called?
Schni's makeup ? Haha I have no idea.

8. Pick one: A haute couture dress made just for you or a makeup shopping spree?
makeup shopping spree!!!

Here are my questions:

1. What's your 5 favorite beauty related summer products`?
1. Was sind deine 5 lieblings Sommer Beauty Produkte?

2. Which makeup item do you use but could easily go without?
2. Auf welches Makeup Produkt, dass du benutzt, könntest du am ehesten verzichten?

3. Which makeup item you could never go without?
3. Auf welches Makeup Produkt könntest du nie verzichten?

4. At what age did you start to use makeup?
4. In welchem Alter hast du das erste mal makeup benutzt?

5. Do you remember what the the first makeup item you used was, maybe even the brand?
5. Kannst du dich noch daran erinnern, was das erste Makeup Produkt war, was du benutzt hast viell. sogar welche Marke?

6. If you could only use one perfume for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
6. Wenn du bis an dein Lebensende nur noch ein Parfüm benutzen könntest, welches wär das?

7. What's your favorite nail polish color?
7. Was ist deine Lieblings Nagellackfarbe?

8. Do you always carry a little makeup bag in your purse?
8. Hast du immer ein kleines Makeup Täschchen in deiner Handtasche?

I tag all my followers ;)
Ich tagge meine Leser ;)

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