Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catrice Mona Lisa Is Staring Back

So, gester habe ich das neue Catrice Sortiment gesichtet :D
Neben dem Mona Lisa Is Staring Back Nagellack durfte bisher auch der Sir! Yes, Sir! Nagellack mit sowie die Lashes to Kill Mascara.

Der Nagellack Mona Lisa Is Staring Back durfte als erstes drauf. Es ist ein schöner Cremeton mit dezentem Gold-Perlmutt Effekt. Mir gefällt der Lack sehr gut. Er ist alltagstauglich und macht dennoch was her.
Auf dem Bild trage ich 2 Schichten, eine dritte hätte es auch noch sein können, denn nach 2 Schichten deckt der Lack noch nicht vollständig. Ich hatte jedoch bedenken, dass der Lack bei 3 Schichten zu weißlich wirkt...bei Gelegenheit probier ich es mal mit 3 Schichten aus.
Wirklich positiv überrascht war ich davon wie schnell der Lack getrocknet war!
An dieser Stelle muss ich einfach mal ein Lob aussprechen.
Catrice hat sich ganz schön gemacht in den letzten Jahren! Viele der Produkte können mittlerweile problemlos mit der High-End-Konkurrenz mithalten! Weiter so! :)

I spotted the new Catrice products yesterday. So far I bought 2 nail polishes (Mona Lisa Is Staring Back and Sir! Yes, Sir!) and a Mascara (Lashes to Kill)

The Mona Lisa Is Staring Back nail polish was the first one I applied. It is a really nice cream color with a gold pearly effect. It is a very pretty color which is suitable for daytime / work but still looks very interesting.
I applied 2 coats even though I could have applied a third. 2 coats are not completely opaque but I was affraid the polish would look too light/white if I apply another coat.
I was positively surprised at how fast the polish tried.
I really have to say that the brand Catrice has become better and better. I think that a lot of their products are comparable to high-end products. Great job! :)


  1. I came back from Berlin with some Catrice goodies in my bag, but unfortunately the Essence and the Catrice new items were nowhere to be seen.
    I'm wearing my first Catrice polish, London's weather forecast right now.
    And yes, I'm VERY impressed at the quality. Application was a dream.

  2. I am glad you could get your hands on some of the products you were looking for :)
    They just started to get the new Catrice produtcs in the stores. I have not seen the new Essence products myself. I guess it will take a view more weeks until they all have the new stuff.

  3. I got London's Weather Forecast, Clay-ton and Big Spender Wanted. I wanted some P2 polishes that were going to be discontinued like Elegant, but sadly these had already been replaced with the new, less-appealing ones.

  4. If you want I can check my local DM Markt, they are a bit late with everything...maybe they still have Elegant...